Walker Theatre

Name: Walker Theatre
Address: 364  Smith Street     
Architect: Stone, H.C.
Bristow, L.T.
Date: 1906
Note: Renovations Dan Hajjar of Bruce Rasmussen Architects, 1991
Now Burton Cummings Theatre
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Arch/FA FC 3396.7 W56 Note: 1990
( 1990 )
( Burton Cummings Theatre for the Performing Arts )
( City of Winnipeg Heritage Conservation List )
( Historic Sites of Manitoba )
1500x1000 (160k)
420x280 (25k)
210x140 (8k)
120x80 (3.5k)

Exterior: general view

1500x1000 (160k)
420x280 (25k)
210x140 (8k)
120x80 (3.5k)

Detail: mural on exterior brick wall painted by Winnipeg artist, Winston Leathers in 1972