How to use the Winnipeg Building Index

The Winnipeg Building Index contains information on over 2000 buildings in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The information may be extremely limited (e.g. name, address) or more complete (e.g. name, address, architect(s), date, and references to further information). Every attempt is being made to ensure the information is accurate. Errors or omissions may occur and may be reported to

Many records include images from the Architecture/Fine Arts Library Slide Collection (212 Russell Building). These records are identified with a camera icon. In the majority of instances the photographer is unknown. However, it has come to our attention that many of the images have been taken by the renowned architectural photographer, Henry Kalen. Efforts are being made to confirm this information and appropriate credits will be added to the records.

For further information about the reproduction of these images please contact
Mary Lochhead, Head Librarian, Architecture/Fine Arts Library (204-474-9217 or

Many records also include links to other sites such as those of architectural firms, government departments, electronic publications and commercially-sponsored products. Most of these sites also include images. Please follow the copyright and photographic usage instructions as indicated on these sites.

Using the Search box you may search for a specific building name, street or architect.

Information may also be browsed in the Building Name, Street, Date and Architect indexes. In each case, after selecting the appropriate index, a list of buildings with brief information will appear. Select [Info] for more detailed information, if available.

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  Building Name
  Select a letter and a list of building names with brief information will appear.
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  Select a letter and a list of street names will appear. Select a street name and a list of buildings with brief information will appear. Buildings with no identified street number will appear at the beginning of the list. Buildings located at the conjunction of two streets will appear at the end of the list.
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  A time-line will appear and the desired decade can be selected.
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  Select a letter and a list of individual names, firms or incorporated bodies will appear. In some cases a firm may be listed more than one, reflecting changing members.

The View Bibliography link will lead you to the list of monographs consulted in researching Winnipeg buildings. The call number and unit library location at the University of Manitoba Libraries are included with the citation.

Arch/FA = Architecture/Fine Arts Library
Ref = Reference Collection

Monographs, journal articles, plans/elevations or ephemera held in the Building File (a vertical file of clippings and miscellaneous material) specific to an individual building will be noted in the Citation field within the main record. The plans and ephemeral material are held in the Architecture|Fine Arts Library unless otherwise indicated.

Selected online resources and electronic publications have been indexed for this database and include:

Heritage Winnipeg. Historical Buildings

Manitoba Culture, Heritage and Tourism. Provincial Heritage Sites

Winnipeg Property, Planning and Development Buildings Conservation List

Winnipeg. Property, Planning and Development. Historical Buildings Inventory [etc.]

Winnipeg. Property, Planning and Development. Monuments to Finance

Winnipeg. Property, Planning and Development. The Year Past: the Annual Report of the Historical Buildings Committee (1979-)

Manitoba Historical Maps Initiative

Winnipeg Bird's eye View [1884]

Buildings Surrounding the Bird's Eye View of the Central Business Portion of Winnipeg, Manitoba [1894]

For further information on this initiative contact Larry Laliberte, Elizabeth Dafoe Library (

Links to architectural firm sites and other related sites have also been included as appropriate.

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Last Updated: 13th March 2009